Did you know html elements had an element named element ? Well ! I didn’t.

Visualize html cross browser rendering of each elements Specifically, how much space it occupies like marigin, padding, border to each html elements in different browsers :-)


Visualize Cross browser Rendering - https://devansvd.github.io/html-elements


  • Ever wonder, when you begin writing markup's by skimming through the html docs, Oh! that’s a lot of tags and faced why the hell the height, margin-top or margin-bottom not applied to span elements ?

  • Then, when you tried to place an html element in certain tiny space hoping it would fit there but it collapses the whole thing and took too much space. damn !!!

  • Also, Finally when you stuffed that element thing in the top right corner, Said to yourself Yay!! I did it, then viewed it in some other browser - Man !! Cross browsers.

  • Well, this select box is rendered ugly in this specific browser. why ? have to tweak css Ouch…Ouch…Ouch…

  • Inline vs block vs Inline-block Oh my !

And then feel like time to read the docs properly. hahaha.

Night-mare. Real Nightmare. We all been there down the road, I guess.

Questions need answers:

  • Want to know how much each browsers apply margin, padding, borders and how it styles the UI for a specific element.

  • That’s a lot of elements in there how many of them are inline ? how many are them are block elements ?

Time to overcome:

While finally reading the docs, I was surprised to see few things I did not know before …

  • The inline and block elements are removed to avoid some confusion from html5 specs, new content categories are introduced for grouping elements.
  • Many input types specifically week picker.
  • Datalist as an autocomplete, filter, dropdown, custom input that's a handy element.
  • Fieldset - this draws a nice UI around the element.
  • Subtitle tracks for a video element, wow! just wow.
  • Embedding a whole pdf via Object element.
  • Mapping certain areas of an image to make indications. Nice.
  • Details collapse - expander
  • Tables don’t have default borders. ew
  • Marquee text dance around. Interesting.


  • A page to view all the element to reveal their cross-browser default rendering without any fancy css.
  • By placing each element Intentionally next to each other and see which are all inline elements ? which are all block elements ?


Visualize Cross browser Rendering - https://devansvd.github.io/html-elements

Note: Intentionally not be mobile responsive.

  • This is not suppose to be used as a reference(use MDN for that), Intended to visualize default cross browser rendering of each elements Specifically, how much space it occupies like marigin, padding, border.

  • Intentionally each elements placed next to each other(Span tag is occupied as their heading) to see if that specific element is inline or block element. So don’t think like page is not aligned properly, What the Hell ? Intentionally Ugly.

Mdn docs are really so good, Credits to them.

I guess I could say this is an experiment with html elements.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

I’m Devan - Aka devansvd.