A simple collaborative whiteboard using socketIO with drawing tools which enables multiple users to draw at the same time. Open links in two seperate tabs in your browser or Open link in another computer try drawing simultaneously in both.

Checkout the Whiteboard Working Live URL - https://whiteboard-socketio.herokuapp.com

Source code repo - https://github.com/devansvd/whiteboard-socketio

Cool, isn’t ?

How to use

This is built using Nodejs Server to run this git clone the repo.

$ npm install
$ node index.js

And open http://localhost:3001 in browser. Optionally, specify a port by supplying the PORT env variable.

Note : Enable heroku features:enable http-session-affinity in your instance while deploying to heroku. This is necessary to open communication ports for web sockets.


  • Draw on the whiteboard and all other users will see you drawings live.
  • Ability for each user to use their seperate drawing tool.
  • Choose Colours, fonts, fontsizes and thinkness.

Thanks and credits to Socket.IO 💛

PS: Previous sessions are not saved on the server, it will not be available for newly joined. Save sessions if you want. Since listening only to mouse events it will not work on mobile touch. Add listen for touch events if you want. 😊